Career Opportunities in Data Analytics
Posted On: 2019-01-30 Author : Dataperts Team

In the present World of technology Data Analytics plays a very important role in making decisions more scientifically which proves to be a great help for today’s business world. Data Analytics is a process of transforming and remodelling the data with an aim of providing useful information. It has multiple facets based on different approaches encompassing diverse techniques under variety of names which can be a great asset for the different business firms.

Now a Days opting Data Analytics as a Career can prove to be a best career move as many companies and reputed business firms have started to realize the importance of Data Analytics. The data Analyst is a person who is responsible for gathering, editing and analysing the data with the help of different tools .A data analyst is a person who has a very important role in any business organisation. Today the inflow of data is huge.

It’s a profession in demand as it is considered to be the most wanted expertise and in the coming years the scope of the professional opportunities is estimated to grow .The Data Analytics involves the programming frameworks such as Java C, Python etc. which is a better option to start ones career easily. This career opportunity is multi Industry based as popular brands such as software AG, Oracle Corporation, IBM, Microsoft provides good incentives on the different posts. It provides a competitive salary to the interested aspirants. A senior Data Analysts who prevails the skills of a data scientist can earn a median salary of around 40 lakh rupees where as a basic entry- level analyst can easily get 12lakh to 16 lakh per year. The Data analysts works with the IT teams, management in order to define organisational goals.

The following are the various professional positions in data Analytics:
  • Data Management Professional
  • Data Engineer
  • Business Analyst
  • Machine Learning
  • Data Scientist
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