Data-driven decision-making is an art that needs scientific inputs and being a master at it requires years of dedicated efforts and experience of varied business situations. Now for obvious reasons this is a process that cannot be catapulted beyond certain extent, this is where we come in. With more than a decade of collective experience in various industries and expertise in data science, we know exactly what it takes to embrace the knowledge and implementation skill in minimal time easing the learning curve. Our training program is based on case studies and cross-functional examples from various domains. The curriculum is meticulously crafted to suit specific needs of the participating organization and its business goals. The program is less textual and more intuitive in approach and hence it reduces learning time to a great extent. Dataperts addresses this critical need and enables organizations to institutionalize analytics and Decision Sciences in a sustainable manner using a combination of excellence in service delivery and innovative commercial models.


it requires years of dedicated efforts and experience of varied business situations

Anil Gupta (Faculty)

Artificial Intelligence

Anil has 22 years of Industry experience in various technical & managerial leadership positions. He has worked in the field of IT and Engineering services in diversified sectors like Automtotive, Manufacturing, Internet of Things, Telematics, Telecom, Mobile Service etc and led several mission critical projects with global rollout. He is passionate about blogging, following new technology trends, reading, mentoring.

Subramanian Raman (Faculty)

Big Data with Hadoop

Subbu has over two decades of information technology (IT) experience in diverse domains such as Telecom, Retail e-Commerce, Travel, Healthcare & Banking. He has led complex programmes and delivered successful projects in IT companies across the globe and has expertise in Database management, tuning, optimization, Data warehousing, ETL, OLAP, Data Analytics, Big Data and Mobile technologies.

Pranav Anand (Faculty)

R Programming, Data Science, Automation Projects

Pranav has over 6 years of experience working as an advisor and Data Analyst with a host of companies. Gaining proficiency in SAS and SQL Programming along with Data Management, Analytics and Market Research, he is a proactive individual who can come up with solutions to potential problems quite rapidly.

Priyanka (Faculty)

Advanced Stats with SPSS, MATLAB, STRATA

With over 7 years of business experience, Priyanka has gained a mastery of subjects like Data Analysis, Training and Consulting and in Statistical and Analytical Methodologies. She has worked with Redwood Associates in senior positions utilizing her skills to great effect.

Shaily Kaushik (Faculty)

R Programming, Data Science, Automation Projects

Shaily has gained over 8 years of experience in Data Analysis, Data Modeling, HR Analytics, Regression, Sentiment Analysis, Web analytics and a whole other host of topics related to data analysis. Working with companies like Policy Bazaar and AON Hewitt, she has provided her experience to these companies in her field.

Nimisha Pandey (Faculty)

Python Programming, Data Science with Python, Deep Learning

Nimisha has over 2 years of experience as a Programmer and Data Scientist with a Masters in Data Analytics and is also an experienced faculty from Great Lakes institute and has also worked with SimpliLearn as a trainer as well. With her experience as a trainer with Python Programming and Deep Learning, it comes to beginners who want to be proficient in Python Programming and becoming Data Scientists.

Jyoti Gupta (Faculty)

Advanced Stats with SPSS, Strata and Matlab

Jyoti has over 7 years of experience as a business analyst and has a very good exposure in Analysing and Forecasting Business Solutions. She has strong statistical modelling skills in Excel and various statistical software, and has worked with a host of different organizations. From Insurance organizations to learning organizations, she has gained a diverse array of experience as a Data Analyst and Statistical Modeller as well as being a trainer in Statistical Modelling herself. She has distinguished herself in Data Analysis and Statistical Modelling.

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